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Sinomach’s 14th Five-Year Plan work starts



Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, gives a speech on the start of the company’s 14th Five-Year Plan work at a meeting on Oct 21. [Photo/]

Sinomach held a 14th Five-Year Plan work inauguration meeting at its headquarters on Oct 21. Zhang Xiaolun, the company’s chairman, delivered a speech at the meeting.

Zhang introduced the three-level state-owned assets planning system that the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) will establish to cover all state-owned assets supervision and administration organs across China. He also conveyed SASAC's suggestions and requirements for the 14th Five-Year Plan work for central enterprises.

Zhang illuminated the pyramidal three-level 14th Five-Year Plan system planned by Sinomach, discussing its overall strategic planning and its functions, business, and special planning, as well as the planning of its subsidiaries. He also emphasized the significance of the planning system.

Work under the 14th Five-Year Plan involves crucial projects. Sinomach will set up a leading group headed by Zhang to promote their implementation.

Construction of the three-level planning system under the company’s 14th Five-Year Plan is an important innovation to carry out the overall plan in accordance with SASAC’s requirements.

The system is of great significance to the overall work of the company: first, it is conducive to implementation of the major national strategies and the regional development strategy; second, it helps enterprises stick to their main responsibility and business, giving full play to their core advantages; third, it contributes to building Sinomach’s overall pattern which will help solve bottleneck problems in its development.

Relevant heads of the company and leaders of its various departments attended the meeting at the headquarters, joined by leaders of subsidiaries and department heads by video.

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