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Zhang Xiaolun visits CRHC



Zhang Xiaolun (L), chairman of Sinomach, talks with Zhou Yubo, chairman of China Reform Holdings Corporation (CRHC) at CRHC headquarters on Nov 7. [Photo/]

Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, visited China Reform Holdings Corporation (CRHC), and met with Zhou Yubo, chairman of CRHC and Mo Dewang, general manager of CRHC at its headquarters on Nov 7.

Zhang provided an overview of Sinomach’s development and introduced its equipment manufacturing, technology research and development, engineering contracting, trade services and financial investment activities. He also said that the company will adhere to the requirements of the State-owned enterprise reform and the Belt and Road Initiative, and strengthen cooperation with CRHC in enterprise reform and overseas project investment.

Zhou outlined the development of CRHC’s business structure, saying that it will persist in its central enterprise positioning, give full play to its function as a State-owned capital operating company, and deepen cooperation with Sinomach.

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