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Zhang Xiaolun investigates Sinomach’s work in Latin America



Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, listens to the reports on the company’s local business development in Colombia on Nov 15. [Photo/]

Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, went to Colombia on Nov 15 and 16 to investigate the company’s business development in Latin America.

As one of the earliest Chinese companies to carry out international cooperation, Sinomach has been active in the Latin American market since the 1980s. For decades it has exerted its own advantages and maintained sound cooperation with Latin America, with more than 60 local projects implemented in more than 10 countries. Its business involves transportation, electric power, industry, agriculture and people's livelihoods as well as international trade in mechanical and electrical products.

Through providing local people with high-quality services and projects, Sinomach is committed to helping improve the quality of people’s lives. The company has currently set up 25 overseas offices in several Latin American countries including Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Zhang respectively listened to the reports on the situations of local project implementation and market development from China CAMC Engineering Co and China United Engineering Corporation, two of its subsidiaries.

Zhang hailed the companies’ achievements, indicating that Sinomach’s international operation has risen to a higher level, its international exchanges and cooperation further deepened and its overseas regional center pilots gradually improved. In the next phase, Sinomach will continue to integrate resources, build platforms, and by focusing on guiding its subsidiaries to further enhance localized operational capacity under the company’s strategic framework, perfect its overseas layout and innovative business modes.

He underlined that the company must resolutely follow the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. It will shoulder the responsibility of introducing Chinese standards, stories and experiences to more people, and work harder to benefit people around the world.

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