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YTO's Powershifting Tractors Distinguish Themselves



YTO Group Corporation improves the manufacturing level of the whole tractor industry by launching high-end products and continuously leads the rapid upgrade of China agricultural machinery. In YTO's big wheeled tractor automatic production line, Dongfanghong LF2204 powershifting tractors are being busily assembled. In the startup section, workers sitting in the luxury & comfort semi-floating cab are checking the on-board computer that can automatically analyze and diagnose faults. The new generation Dongfanghong powershifting big wheeled tractors are continuously launched in batches.

Dongfanghong LF2204 tractors allow drivers to shift gears by pressing buttons instead of the clutch. The tractors are equipped with the automatic fault diagnosis system, which makes the tractors more efficient and smart. Drivers can operate intelligent control equipment just sitting in the cab equipped with an air conditioner. Compared with China's mechanical shifting tractors with the same horsepower, Dongfanghong LF2204 tractors save 30% of energy on average and improve 40% of working performance, thus popular in China's important grain production areas such as Xinjiang and Heilongjiang.

Four of Dongfanghong powershifting tractors that will roll off the production line this month will be delivered to a domestic large union agricultural company and travel with the team to Russia to carry out commercial operations.

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