Aviation Technician Hu Shuangqian: From a Plane Watcher to a Plane Maker

For thirty years in the technical aviation industry, Hu Shuangqian has kept an error-free record of tens of thousands of parts.

The most beautiful electric welding “Mulan”

An electric sparkle is alive in my eyes, and represents hardships and also indicates hope. The splendid sparkles made by the welding torch have lightened my life.

Standing fast on desert to keep central heating

A 29-year-old young man joined the station in 2009, and the ordeal of atrocious weather and leading a lonely life for four years have made him an expert among his colleagues.

“Eagles Band” at Shihu Port: Courageous Dreamers of One Heart

In June, 2012 in less than one year of its establishment, a band of “Eagles”, a local iconic longshoremen team, was honored with the title of “Workers’ Vanguard” by Quanzhou Federation of Trade Unions.

“Diamond Lady” Ma Haiyan: Forever Diamonds, Forever Friends

Ma Haiyan, manager of the gifts and crafts department of the Orient Shopping Center in Shanghai, has grown from a saleswoman to a manager on the frontline of retail services.

The one who lights the island with his youth

In 1988, Chen was among the first batch of power supply pioneers, and has stayed on the island for 25 years.

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